Alcohol Awareness: Mario Kart and Beer Goggles

For this semesters alcohol awareness program, I ran an event that involved Mario kart on the Wii and beer goggles. A local police department let me borrow their set of six different beer goggles that all simulated blood alcohol content levels from 0.06 to 0.25. Residents attempted to play Mario kart with these varying goggles on to show that when you’re driving drunk, you won’t be a good driver.

For this program, we also made root beer floats. Since only one person was playing at a time, I thought that would be a way to pass time while everyone is just hanging out. An officer from our local police department was present for an hour answering questions about drunk driving in Maine and having students do various sobriety tests while wearing beer goggles. He was a really great resource and was able to answer student questions.

Everything on my blog takes place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Feel free to contact me with any questions,




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