St. Patrick’s Scavenger Hunt

March is mid semester, and it can be a month that drags on. With this in mind, I collaborated with one of my coworkers, Brandon, to create a program that would boost excitement. This program took A LOT of prep work, but after everything was set up, it all fell into place. We ran a St. Patrick’s day themed scavenger hunt that ran for about a week and a half. We advertised like crazy with flyers in every building and inviting people through a Facebook group.

FullSizeRender (21)


In our Facebook group, there was a post where people could signup their group ranging from 1 to 3 participants. We posted a riddle every morning which led to a different place on campus. When the team finds the item, they must message us a picture with the item and then leave it for the next group. Our goal in making these clues was to make them pretty easy, and judge teams based upon when they send it in. Since there were 10 teams, the 1st team to send it in that day gets 10 points, the 2nd team gets 9 points etc. We had them message their picture to the Facebook page and would keep track in a spreadsheet of when groups sent them in.

Here are some examples of clues we used:

To end the program, we had a pizza party where we invited everyone who participated. Each participant got a little prize (a little rubber duck with four leaf clover and a green necklace). We then had some props and put up a green background to all take photos and hang out for a while. It was a nice end to the program. We made certificates for the top three teams and printed it on nice card stock paper. The members of the winning team got a $15 amazon card each. Here are a few of the many photo submissions we received:

Overall, this was a great program and got a lot of people excited and involved during what is usually a slow part of the year.

Everything on my blog takes place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Feel free to contact me with any questions,


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