DIY Terrariums

This program was my first program of the first semester. Residents were invited to make their own mini terrarium in a mason jar. First, I got two dozen little cacti/ succulents from a local greenhouse. I got ones that did not have any spikes since I knew they would be hard to plant. We planted them in large mason jars which can be pretty inexpensively bought in packs of a dozen. To plant, you first need a layer of rocks. Then, a little bit of moss. Then, some dirt. Lastly, plant the succulent. These grow easily and are almost impossible to kill. The measurements don’t have to be perfect, everyone did it a little differently. Throughout the year all of their plants have grown and so have they. This was a really fun way to start of the year and helped with making each resident’s room a little more cozy.

Everything on my blog takes place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Feel free to contact me with any questions,


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