Battleship (Root) Beer Pong

This program was a great way to start off the fall semester and enjoy the sunshine. This was an alcohol awareness program and showed residents that you can have fun without alcohol. To set up, We had two inflatable kiddie pools blown up and filled with water. One is all you need, but we had two so that we could have multiple games going at once. The line in the middle of the pools was made with duct tape. I made the boats myself using a foam sheet (can be bought at any craft store or WalMart). Each side had a large boat with three cups, a medium boat with two cups, and a single boat with one cup. To make the game harder, I used mini red solo cups instead of the usual sized ones. You can use larger ones if you would like, but your boats would have to be larger then mine. I cut the foam with a box cutting knife and although foam pieces got everywhere, it was a pretty easy process.

We had each set of two create a name, and pulled names out of a hat to play tournament style. We had two games going at a time. We had some music playing, and it was a pretty relaxed event. When it comes to advertising alcohol awareness programs, I love doing 3D door reminders by writing the program information on a red solo cup and taping it to doors. I don’t have a picture of mine, but that was how I advertised it to residents.

Everything on my blog takes place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Feel free to contact me with any questions,


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