Finding your Identi-Tea

Finding your Identi-Tea was a program that covered the category of career planning. For this program, ask your residents to bring a web enabled device such as a phone or laptop. A laptop/ something which a larger screen is preferred, but a phone will do. Have them take the 16 personalities test at This breaks everyone down into 16 categorized personality types and from my own experience is extremely accurate. Then, I had my residents decorate a white coffee mug with Oil Paint Sharpies. They were told to turn their mug into a collage of the various good qualities, workplace habits, and career paths that are recommended for their type. As people were finding out what type they were, they were conversing over their similarities and differences. This was a great introductory program for freshman and helped a lot of people get out of their comfort zone with talking about themselves. We also made some tea using my keurig (anything that boils water will do) and talked about the results for a while. All of the residents left with a visual reminder of all of the traits the posses and career directions they could potentially go in if they ever feel lost.

Supplies needed: White coffee mugs and Oil Paint Sharpies. You can instead use regular sharpies, but they wash off a lot easier. Keurig or something that boils water and various sorts of tea bags.


Everything on my blog takes place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Feel free to contact me with any questions,


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