DIY Kinetic Sand

I had a lot of hope for this program, and used a recipe that I found on pinterest. I ordered fine play sand on Amazon that was close to $20 for a 25lb box. 25lbs was enough to make about 20 batches of the kinetic sand and still have a little leftover. I was slightly disappointed with the pinterest recipe, because it failed to mention that food dye in your kinetic sand will dye your hands if you play with it (I learned that the hard way). It also wasn’t perfectly dry and moldable like the kinetic sand you would find in a Brookstone or other store. Even though it wasn’t perfect, the residents all had a really good time making it and the fear of dyeing their hands did not keep them from going crazy with food dye.


The ingredients you will need are fine sand, cornstarch, dishsoap, water, and food coloring. I also had Styrofoam bowls for mixing, plastic containers with lids to take the sand with them, measuring utensils for the items, and a few little whisks to mix it. It definitely needs longer then 2 hours to dry, but the end product is still pretty cool.


Everything on my blog takes place at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Feel free to contact me with any questions,


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